Unique Partnership Created to Pioneer Homes for the Future

A unique consortium of partners was created to build innovative homes that will achieve energy level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes without relying on renewable technologies. The consortium delivering the project worth £6.4m, £3.2m of which was invested by the Technology Strategy Board, comprises five members: developers, Stewart Milne Group, Crest Nicholson Plc and Barratt Developments Plc; plus H+H UK Ltd and the BRE.

Under the title AIMC4 the consortium, in the first project of its kind, constructed twelve world-class energy efficient innovative homes that achieve Level 4 through using fabric and primary building services alone.  The homes were built in a range of locations across the UK, sold to consumers and are being monitored and evaluated to increase understanding of fabric performance, emission levels and to gain valuable customer feedback.

With the Government setting increasingly stringent standards for sustainability in housebuilding, this project will provide valuable insights into both the construction and life of buildings. The developers will construct the homes using three different methodologies: timber, masonry and hybrid.  The focus of AIMC4 will be on optimising the actual fabric of the building, rather than renewables, which will generate results that should lead to low energy, easy to maintain and cost effective homes for the future.

H+H UK Ltd believe in the aims and objectives of the AIMC4 group as originally conceived, in that it is possible for homes to be built without the need for extensive and expensive renewable technologies, whilst meeting the Government’s expectations for Code Level 4 energy conservation as set out in the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) initiative, which whilst no longer being valid, is still used as a good benchmark in practical terms when building new homes.

As a manufacturer and supplier of Aircrete, (in itself an eco friendly and sustainable building material), H+H’s contribution to the AIMC4 project is inherently based on our technical knowledge, both from our own product and the construction industry as a whole.  The spread of the partners within the consortium, from house builders to manufacturers, sustainability experts and a university to help monitor the success of the initiative, provides an excellent springboard for success and H+H UK are very pleased to be part of the work currently being done.

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