H+H Calculated Ψ-value Tables, Checklists, Drawings and Descriptions are copyright and the intellectual property of H+H UK Ltd. They are provided free of charge for use in work related to the design, energy assessments and build phases of construction projects using H+H aircrete blocks.

They may be embedded in drawings and specifications but may not be copied, reproduced in any medium, published or used for any other purpose other than building design or construction project without the prior consent of H+H UK Ltd.

This document may be updated or revised from time to time due to continuing quality control processes. All information is correct at the time of issue.  However it is the user’s responsibility to check that the latest version is being used either by reference to the H+H UK Ltd website or by contacting our Technical Department via the details above under Contact and here.

The calculations conform to both BR497 (2016) and IP 1/06 and have been prepared in-house by our Technical team.  Evidence of competency and relevant training can be provided on request.

Consequently, these calculated Ψ-values may be used by energy assessors in their SAP calculations to take full advantage of the inherent benefits of H+H aircrete blocks for all parts of the building fabric. They are specific to, and only valid for use with, the named H+H aircrete blocks and will be updated to reflect any changes to product specification as necessary. Consequently, they should not be used for other aircrete blocks of apparent similar specification.

The current version of the document is Revision A, issued November 2023. This version now contains the following additional junctions:

    500mm roof insulation at ceiling level
    100mm and 150mm roof insulation (0.022W/mK) between rafters
    Keystone / IG Hi-therm+ thermal break lintel
Further details of complete changes may be found under Revision Notes on page 2 of the document.

2nd Issue, November 2023

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