Self-building made simpler with H+H Foundation Blocks

Quicker, easier, cost-effective construction is what self-builders get when they choose aircrete foundation blocks.

Having worked in construction for over 40 years, Mark Butcher broke ground on his first self-build home in the summer of 2022. To lay the groundworks for his new house, Mark chose H+H Foundation Blocks.

Light to handle and easier to lay than two leaves of blocks and cavity infill, aircrete foundation blocks are ideal for self-builders like Mark who will be doing a lot of the work themselves. Employing the help of one other builder, Mark laid the H+H blocks himself in just one week.

“When you’re doing something yourself, it’s better to use products that make your life easier,” Mark said. He explained: “Using H+H Foundation Blocks is less complicated than cavity construction. Especially when you have a less than perfect concrete base because levelling the first course is much simpler when there is only one set of blocks to contend with.”

Having worked with H+H Foundation Blocks for over 20 years Mark commented that many builders like to use them to save on costs. A faster method for laying foundations means less money is spent on labour - a plus for self-builders who won’t be doing the construction themselves.

It’s not just savings on time and money that make H+H Foundation Blocks a great choice for self-builders, aircrete blocks also offer a performance advantage. The aerated concrete material’s thermal properties reduce the heat lost from a home’s lower level as less heat is transferred into the ground. This makes H+H Foundation Blocks a great accompaniment to energy saving technologies like underfloor heating, enhancing their efficiency.

Suitable for homes up to three-storeys, solid or cavity walls and suspended floors including beam and block, H+H Foundation Blocks have the added benefit of being frost-resistant.

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