Supporting our merchant partners

The H+H philosophy is that we don’t have customers – we have partners. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the relationship the H+H Account Teams have with the merchants

H+H does not just manufacture aircrete blocks, it provides product training, technical advice and design expertise to customers across the supply chain.

For merchants the focus of this support is at branch level where product information and demonstrations are a valuable resource for the counter staff and their customers.

Matthew Compton is one of the Merchant Team and his typical week will always revolve around sharing knowledge as much as servicing orders.

“We start with the merchant staff” he points out. “H+H has a great online academy which gives pretty comprehensive information on aircrete products and the best way to use them.

“Not everyone working in a Builders’ Merchant has a background in the industry – we often meet people who have come from the DIY sheds or completely different retail environments. Their customers will be asking for advice and technical information, so there’s a lot to learn. Our easy-to-use academy course is great and our app provides all the information in the palm of your hand.

“While this is great information for newcomers, it’s surprising how often people who have been working in the industry for decades will say that there is information in here that they just never knew.”

Online training is a great resource, but sometimes you need the personal touch and H+H is happy to support merchant trade days. “It’s a great opportunity to meet the contractors face-to-face and answer their questions directly” says Matthew.

“Most often, people have specific questions such as how to fix to aircrete. At the moment, however, we are getting a lot of questions around Thin-Joint so it’s useful to have the back-up of our Thin-Joint trainer Andy who not only comes to the trade days, but is also happy to visit sites and provide on-the-spot training too.”