Simplify foundations without compromising performance

Yes, aircrete can be used below DPC. In fact, there are wide ranging benefits of using aircrete foundation blocks as a groundworks solution.

Vastly popular for its use above ground in internal and external walls, aircrete is also a great option for use below DPC for a number of reasons, including helping to meet the regulations set out in the new Approved Document L.

Housebuilders are increasingly being drawn to using aircrete foundation blocks due to them being a simplified and cost-effective method of construction

Weighing just one third of an equivalent dense aggregate block, aircrete is relatively faster and easier to lay. In addition, only a single leaf of blockwork needs to be laid to form the foundations, as opposed to cavity construction which requires two leaves of blockwork and concrete infill. This means works can be completed in less time, reducing labour costs.

Aircrete is also a high-performance material that helps housebuilders construct compliant, energy efficient homes. H+H Foundation Blocks, for example, can help to enhance a dwelling’s energy efficiency by reducing heat lost into the ground while reducing the need for additional insulation.

Aircrete’s material properties mean it’s highly thermally efficient and able to achieve low U-values which helps makes meeting the standard set out in Approved Document L easy. 

In fact, as new building regulations increase emphasis on building fabric and thermal bridging, aircrete is a preferred material and this can include its use in foundations.

The 2021 amendment to Part L recommends using aircrete foundation blocks where aircrete is being used in the construction of external walls to ensure continuity of insulation levels within the building fabric.

Despite being one of the lightest forms of masonry, foundations built with H+H aircrete are fully load-bearing. Our Foundation Blocks Standard Grade are suitable for low-rise housing, but we also offer High Strength Grade Blocks, with a compressive strength of 7.3N/mm2, that are ideal for three storey residences. 

Watch this video for a comparison between H+H Foundation Blocks and cavity construction to see just how much using H+H aircrete can simplify groundworks.

Full technical detail for H+H foundation blocks can be viewed on the product page.