Multi Plates

H+H Multi Plates are a new generation of aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction.

At almost 2½ (over 2) times the size of a traditional concrete block, Multi Plates and the Thin-Joint system will deliver significant savings in site productivity.  They are available in Standard Grade (3.6N/mm2), High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm2) and Super Strength Grade (8.7N/mm2).


  • Increase build speed
  • Reduce wastage
  • High quality of build
  • All the benefits of aircrete products
  • All products conform to the CONIAC manual handling recommendations


Multi Plates Solar Grade Standard Grade High Strength Grade Super Strength Grade
Compressive Strength 2.9N/mm2 3.6N/mm2 7.3N/mm2 8.7N/mm2
Thermal Conductivity 0.11 W/mK 0.15 W/mK 0.18 W/mK 0.18 W/mK
Density 460 kg/m3 600 kg/m3 730 kg/m3 730 kg/m3



Application  Suitability 
Internal leaf of cavity walls
External leaf of cavity walls 
External solid wall construction
Separating walls
Flanking walls
Multi Storey Buildings
Foundations/Below ground level (DPC) 
Beam and Block Floors ✓ 100mm thickness  

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