Multi Plates

H+H Multi Plates are a new generation of aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction.

At almost 2½ (over 2) times the size of a traditional concrete block, Multi Plates and the Thin-Joint system will deliver significant savings in site productivity.  They are available in Standard Grade (3.6N/mm2), High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm2) and Super Strength Grade (8.7N/mm2).


  • Increase build speed
  • Reduce wastage
  • High quality of build
  • All the benefits of aircrete products
  • All products conform to the CONIAC manual handling recommendations


Application  Suitability 
Internal leaf of cavity walls
External leaf of cavity walls 
External solid wall construction
Separating walls
Flanking walls
Multi Storey Buildings
Foundations/Below ground level (DPC) 
Beam and Block Floors ✓ 100mm thickness  

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